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Republic Armed Forces
The Republic Armed Forces consist of three branches. The traditional two are the Navy and Army, who have been renamed the Galactic Navy and Galactic Army to emphasize their expanded role to encompass the entire galaxy rather than just Republic territory. The Navy consists of the space based forces, with its ships also come Marines, who conduct fleet security and surface operations, and the Starfighter Corps, who operate out of the fleet but also with the Army on the surface. The Army consists of the surface based forces, primarily conducting defensive operations. When requiring an offensive movement, it operates with the Navy. The third branch has been recently integrated, and that is the Judicial Forces, which have traditionally been under the Judicial Department. The Judicial Forces serve as both a peacekeeping force and federal law enforcement agency. In times of war, they also serve as a reserve defense force, leading to their current standing organized under the RAF, but still lead by the Judicial Department in times of peace.
The RAF has a long storied history, and has existed since the founding of the Republic. Unifying the Republic into its current form, taking down Xym the Despot, dealing with various uprisings against the Republic, taking on the controversial Pious Dea Crusades which it also eventually help end, fighting the Mandalorians, and most notably for the past 2500 years, dealing with the multiple Sith threats that have happened upon the galaxy.  Controversial to some, the RAF has the ability to enter any Republic star system to deal with any unrest or threats to the Republic without consent of the local government, and such operations can occure up to seven days, after which continued operations require Senate approval. Individual Senators may assume command of RAF units, at the approval of both the Supreme Chancellor and the Supreme Allied Commander.
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