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"The Old Republic was the Republic of legend, greater than distance or time. No need to note where it was or whence it came, only to know that… it was the Republic."
 ―From the Journal of the Whills
The galactic government, which has withstood the test of time for over twenty-two thousand and five hundred years, known by many as simply, the Republic, for no other extension is needed to understand it and what it stands for. It is a unicameral federal republic style of government, led by the Supreme Chancellor, who is elected every four years without term limits from within the Galactic Senate, a parliamentary body of two thousand Senators, Representatives, and Ambassadors, and by the Senate. The Supreme Chancellor is supported by the General Ministry, as well as the Senatorial Council, a body consisting of the Chancellor, Vice Chancellor, and the Chairs of the six permanant Committees of the Senate. Should the Chancellor be deemed ineffective, corrupt, or even plainly unpopular, they can be removed with a Vote of No Confidence.
The Republic Armed Forces are the military arm of the Republic, with the Galactic Navy and Galactic Army being the primary fighting forces, as well as the Judicial Forces, who are also under the direction of the Judiciary, that provides regional support and enforcement of the law on a galactic scale. A close relationship is maintained between the RAF and the Jedi Order, and between the Republic and Jedi as a whole, with many Jedi serving as Commanders and Generals in time of war.
A diverse culture and economy are notable throughout the Republic. The economy is primarily based upon interplanetary trade, with nearly a million member worlds, and most of the galaxy now mapped and trade routes set up, such as the relatively young Hydian Way and Corellian Trade Spine. Each world is able to maintain its own unique and diverse culture, maintaining local beliefs, customs, and traditions. While slavery is outlaws within the Republic, it is still present outside, and humanocentrisim is still very much present on several worlds. Some even content that the Republic itself has a pro-Human bias.
The Republic is indeed a timeless body, but it has its problems, like any government. Despite problems with corruption and accusations of veiled imperialism and humanocentrism, the Republic still stands as the symbol of peace, democracy, and freedom throughout the galaxy to both its inhabitants and those that still stand outside its noble reaches.
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