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Long-term Timeline
Pre-Republic Era
999,989 BBY (996,336 BTC)
• Most species begin to record their hstory at this point, although most is indecipherable by modern historians.

500,000 BBY (496,347 BTC)
• By this time, most species have historical records that are decipherable by modern historians.

200,000 BBY (196,347 BTC)
• The Taungs attempt to conquer the Battalions of Zhell. In the end, the Taungs are driven offworld by the Zhell, and soon settle Mandalore, becoming the Mandalorians.

100,000 BBY (96,347 BTC)
• Coruscant becomes a ecumenopolis.
• The Sith civilization begins on Korriban.

49,000 BBY (45,347 BTC)
• The Dark Side Force-sensative Hyperdrive is invented by the Rakata.

36,453 BBY (32,800 BTC)
• Philosophers and scientists from around the galaxy meet on Tython to discuss mystical knowledge. The Force is discovered.

35,000 BBY (31,347 BTC)
• The Rakatan Infinite Empire is officially formed.

30,000 BBY (26,347 BTC)
• The Infinte Empire reaches it peak and constructs the Star Forge and the Star Maps on every member world as a sign of their dominance.
• The last trace of the Celestials disappears from the Galaxy.
• Droids are invented.

28,000 BBY (24,347 BTC)
• Reign of King Adas over the Sith begins. He unified the Sith tribes of Korriban, for the first time in their history.
• Heretical Sith exiles travel to Tund, eventually becoming the Sourcerers of Tund.

27,700 BBY (24,047 BTC)
• Adas defeats the invading Infinite Empire.
• The Sith gain Holocron technology.
• Sith capital is moved to Ziost, designating Korriban as a world for graves.
• Adas dies.

27,500 BBY (23,847 BTC)
• Humans from Coruscant begin colonization efforts, first landing on Alderaan and Kuat.

25,793 BBY (22,130 BTC)
• The Force Wars occur on Tython.

25,783 BBY (22,120 BTC)
• The Jedi Order is established.

25,200 BBY (21,637 BTC)
• Following years of decline, with most of their holding at this time free, the Infinite Empire collapses.
• The Hutt Empire is formed.

25,130 BBY (21,567 BTC)
• The tyrannical ruler known as Xim the Despot begins his reign in the Tion Cluster.

25,105 BBY (21,642 BTC)
• The Hutt-Xim Conflict begins.

25,100 BBY (21,637 BTC)
• Treaty of Vontor is signed, putting the Klatooinians, Nikto, and Vodrans in a state of permanent servitude towards the Hutts.
• The Hutt-Xim Conflict ends.

25,095 BBY (21,632 BTC)
• Xim the Despot is killed, leading to his empire's collapse.

Expansion Era
25,053 BBY (21,490 BTC)
• The Unification Wars end, leading to the founding of the Galactic Republic by Coruscant, Alderaan, Corellia, Brentaal, Duro, Chandrila, Anaxes, Rendili, Kuat, Alsakan, Caamas, Axum, Corulag, Esseles, Shawken, Humbarine, Kaikielius, Rhinnal, and Tepasi among others.
• The modern Hyperdrive is invented.

25,000 BBY (21,347 BTC)
• An unparralleled era of expansion begins, and last for several millenia.
24,953 BBY (21,390 BTC)
• The Jedi Order swears loyalty to the Republic.

24,500 BBY (20,937 BTC)
• The Legions of Lettow fall to the dark side and start the First Great Schism.

24,000 BBY (20,347 BTC)
• The Tionese War begins.

23,900 BBY (20,247 BTC)
• The Republic turns the Hutt Empire against the Honorable Union of Desevro & Tion.
• The Tionese War ends, with the Honorable Union of Desevro & Tion being defeated by the Republic and the Hutts.
• Remannts of the Honorable Union of Desevro & Tion, with the exception of Desevro, join the Republic with Tion as the capital.
• The GenoHardan begins to secretly protect the newly victorious Republic.

Great Manifest Period
20,000 BBY-17,000 BBY (16,347-13,347 BTC)
• Begining of the Great Manifest Period, surpassing the level of expansion and exploration of the past five thousand years.
Indecta Era
17,000 BBY-15,000 BBY (13,347-11,347 BTC)
• The First Alsakan Conflict occurs.
• The Duinuogwuin Contention occurs.
• The University of Coruscant is founded.
• Neimoidia is considered a seperate culture from Duro.
• The Aqualish Civil War occurs.
• The Aqualish-Republic War occurs.
• Republic Sienar Systems is founded.
• The Hutt Cataclysms come to an end, leaving Varl and other Hutt worlds lifeless. The Hutts move to Evocar and terraform it into Nal Hutta.
• The Senate Hall is constructed.
• Sienar Fleet Systems is fonded.

Kymoodon Era
15,000 BBY-12,000 BBY (11,347-8,347 BTC)
• During this time period, a second period of expansion similar to the Great Manifest Period occurs, with several new worlds explored and colonized, and several new members joining the Republic.
• The Yuuzhan Vong are stripped of the Force and expelled from Yuuzhan'tar. They begin their long journey to find a new homeworld.
• The slave trade becomes part of everyday life on Ryloth.
• The Galactic Museum is established on Coruscant.

Pious Dea Era
12,000 BBY-11,000 BBY (8,347-7,347 BTC)
• The Pious Dea Cult comes to power in the Republic, with it's first Chancellor, Contispex, coming to power after the impeachment of Pers'lya. The first act is an invasion of Hutt Space.
• The Pious Dea Cult begins crusades across the galaxy against outside cultures and species, a massive reversal in Republic policy of acceptance for thousands of years.
• Several Ordnance/Regional Depots are established.
• Pious Dea rule ends in a climatic encounter, in which the non-Human worlds of the Republic, as well as several Human worlds, unite and bring down the Pious Dea Cult.

Ductavis Era
11,000 BBY-9,000 BBY (7,347-5,347 BTC)
• Republic rocket-jumpers are formed.
• The Republic begins a galactic rebuilding effort to recover fromt he Pious Dea Crusades.
• Galactic exploration by the Republic begins to penetrate the Outer Rim.

Rianitus Period
9,000 BBY-8,000 BBY (5,347-4,347 BTC)
• Outer Rim exploration and expansion continues.
• Blotus the Hutt is elected Supreme Chancellor, and serves as such for 275 years. He was well known for being honorable and just, as well as very liked. He is still considered one of the greatest Chancellors.

Subterra Period
8,000 BBY-7,000 BBY (4,347-3,347 BTC)
• The Galactic South sees the primary focus of mapping and exploration, with the rapid expansions leading to the lawlessness in the Outer Rim.
• Hyperspace Lanes are expanded and connected with short hyperlane snippets known as praediums.
• The Tapani Sector joins the Republic.
• The Galactic Standard Calendar is developed.
• The Second Great Schism occurs, and the Hundred-Years Darkness begins.

Manderon Period
7,000 BBY-5,000 BBY (3,347-1,347 BTC)
• The prophecy of the Chosen One is made.
• The Mandalorians are formed out of the Taungs, who had long ago migrated to Mandalore.
• The Hundred-Years Darkness ends with the Dark Jedi's defeat at the Battle of Corbos and the exile of the Dark Jedi from Republic Space.
• The exiled Dark Jedi found the Sith Empire.
• The Corellian Trade Spine is completed.
• The Great Hyperspace War occurs, with the Republic winning, but Naga Sadow is able to escape.

Sidereal Period
5,689 BBY (2,036 BTC)
• Overlapping partially with the Manderon Period, the Sidereal Period takes credit for the completion of the Rimma Trade Route.

4,990 BBY (1,337 BTC)
• Due to their defeat, the First Sith Empire dissolves and flees into the Unknown Regions to rebuild.

4,800 BBY (1,147 BTC)
• The Gank Massacres occur.

4,350 BBY (697 BTC)
• The Beast Wars of Ondoron occur.

4,300 BBY (647 BTC)
• Taris enters its golden age.

4,250 BBY (597 BTC)
• The Third Great Schism occurs.

4,150 BBY (497 BTC)
• Hapes is settled by raiders from Lorrell.

4,100 BBY (447 BTC)
• Bacta is introduced.

4,056 BBY (403 BTC)
• Taris later suffers a devestating civil war.

4,050 BBY (397 BTC)
• The Lorell Raiders are defeated by the Jedi, resulting in the hatred of the Jedi in the Hapes Consortium.

The Sith Wars
4,015 BBY (362 BTC)
• The Great Droid Revolution occurs.

4,000 BBY (347 BTC)
• Jedi Master Sidrona Diath is elected Supreme Chancellor, the first Jedi to do so.
• The Great Sith War begins, with several connected conflicts occurs, such as the end of the Beast Wars, the Freedon Nadd Uprising, and Krath Holy Crusade.

3,996 BBY (343 BTC)
• The Great Sith War ends, begining a long process of reconstruction, known as the Restoration Period.

3,995 BBY (342 BTC)
• The Great Hunt begins.

3,993 BBY (340 BTC)
• The Great Hunt ends.

3,976 BBY (323 BTC)
• The Mandalorian Wars begin.

3,970 BBY (317 BTC)
• The Kanz Disorders begin.

3,960 BBY (307 BTC)
• The Mandalorian Wars end.

3,959 BBY (306 BTC)
• The Jedi Civil War begins.

3,956 BBY (303 BTC)
• The Jedi Civil War ends with the death of Malak, destruction of the Star Forge, and the redemption of Revan.
• The Sith Civil War begins.

3,955 BBY (302 BTC)
• The Dark Wars begin.

3,951 BBY (298 BTC)
• The Dark Wars end.

3,950 BBY (297 BTC)
• The Sith Civil War ends.

Post-Sith Wars Period
3,946 BBY (293 BTC)
• Sixteen worlds ruled by the G0-T0 droids seceed from the Republic, and are retaken under the direction of Supreme Chancellor Cressa.

3,700 BBY (47 BTC)
• The Hydian Way is discovered.

3,681 BBY (28 BTC)
• The Sith Empire begins its invasion of the Republic out of the Unknown Regions, begining the Great Galactic War.

3,670 BBY (17 BTC)
• The Kanz Disorders end.

3,653 BBY (0 BTC/ATC)
• The Sith sack Coruscant, forcing the signing of the Treaty of Coruscant.

3,641 BBY (0 BTC/ATC)
• The Cold War ends,  sparking the Second Galactic War.

3,623 BBY (30 ATC)
• The Second Galactic War ends with the defeat of the Sith.

3,519 BBY (134 ATC)
• The Jedi Temple on Coruscant is expanded.

3,500 BBY (153 ATC)
• The Iktoch race is discovered by the Republic.

3,475 BBY (178 ATC)
• Iktochi is accepted joins the Republic.

3,350 BBY (303 ATC)
• The Centrality is formed.

3,100 BBY (453 ATC)
• The borders of the Hapes Consortium are sealed by the Queen Mother. They will remain so for the next 3,108 years.

3,017 BBY (638 ATC)
• The seventeenth and final Alsakan Conflict occurs.

3,000 BBY (653 ATC)
• Socorro is colonized by Corellian settlers.
• Derilyn is colonized by settlers from Elrood.
• Jabiim is colonized by Human settlers.
• Belnar and Farrfin join the Republic.
• The Paecian Empire annexed Dathomir.
• The Hapan Royal Guard is formed.

2,992 BBY (661 ATC)
• Dathomir leaves the Paecian Empire, which disbands shortly afterwards.

2,979 BBY (674 ATC)
• Jabiim joins the Republic.

Modern Era
2,550 BBY (1,103 ATC)
• The Republic and Jedi begin a massive campaign to break up slaver and pirate groups in the Outer Rim, informally called the "Outer Rim Crusades". The action causes tension with the Hutts.

2,538 BBY (1,115 ATC)
• The fallen Jedi Padawan Decimus Furus ventures into Sith Space, and learns from the holocrons and spirits on Korriban, taking the moniker Darth Aeacus. Over the next few decades he trains various Force Sensitives, and organizes the Sith Remnant, all in secret.

2,524 BBY (1,129 ATC)
• A Republic scouting force discovers several worlds in Wild Space, as well the Leth'aar. The encounter ends violently, and with a Leth'aar invasion of Ryloth which is resisted by Republic forces in a legendary stand.

2,523 BBY (1,130 ATC)
• The Republic begins an invasion of Wild Space, taking Leth'aar colonies.

2,520 BBY (1,133 ATC)
• Following a hard fought victory on the first of actual Leth'aar worlds to be hit, rather than colonies, a new Chancellor negotiates a peace with the Leth'aar. The border with the Leth'aar is fortified, and all Republic force withdraw across, and the newly liberated colonies are brought under Republic jurisdiction and further colonization attempts occur.

2,519 BBY (1,134 ATC)
• The Jedi Temple on Coruscant is explanded, adding the Jedi Archives.
Following a ill-advised defense plan being initiated, several Republic troops and officers leave the Republic, and eventually make their way into Sith Space, secretly joining the growing secret Sith Empire.

2,515 BBY (1,138 ATC)
• The Republic Armed Forces are pieced back together from the mess of the last defense plan.

2,506 BBY (1,147 ATC)
• The Republic Armed Forces undergo a modernization process.

2,500 BBY (1,153 ATC)
• Present Day
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