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Alma mater of regain of numerous nation base recalls childhoodC
nyafikqrdhDate: Thursday, 02 May 2013, 5:37 PM | Message # 1
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brand, electric business has been a channel not just. Brand dealer should think the fixed position of own brand, begin to change transition to electric business slowly from the brand below original so-called line, with the conflict that falls with the line on close line and difference.
But, easier said than done that the electric business of traditional brand changes. On this road, the problem that a lot of brands can encounter is: Be to make a big platform or the brand that make oneself only after all? Below the line on the lineProductWhether do line and price need to unite? How should be channel conflict solved again? Backstage runs a side, the system that how builds to unite again undertakes a butt joint with each brand business? Accordingly, also many brands are in on the road of electric business She Ji heavy sand.
As Chinese inland trademark of well-known shoe line of business interlinks management firm, 100 beautifulCan saying is one explored longer traditional brand in electric business practice, his practice can make a kind of way that can consult probably.
1, from do a brand to arrive do platform: Towards the left of electric business strategy goes or go right?
The pattern that uses era to deliver goods and collaboration of other B2C platform look very beautiful, but systematic butt joint has difficulty. Do brand business, it is in general merchandise business leaves a bar, do platform we are to should open a market.
<a href="http://www.needbuyjordans.com/air-jordan-shoes-c-25.html">Discount Air Jordans</a> To traditional brand business, sortie cable business has two way: Way of business of a brand, will already the brand goes up to the line outspread, turn other platform into his sale channel; Another is platform business way, namely him investment makes a medium of communication, be similar to online on build a market. 100 beautiful undertake trying water to electronic business affairs with brand business strategy at first, begin string of platform trade route very quickly next -- found actor buys town of net sole a shoe (the following abbreviation " actor is bought " ) .
The time of business affairs of electron of 100 beautiful sortie is earlier. 2008, 100 beautiful the high level expands latent capacity with respect to what saw electronic business affairs. But at that time, capital begins to gather together enter, a lot of companies that acquired venture capital investment begin to burn money to make scale. Below this kind of situation, regard China as the biggest brand shopkeeper, 100 beautiful do not have rushed enter.
"The retail business of the majority they are to rely on to explore the retail rule, competition law that accords with commercial essence to be done. Accordingly, traditional business looks not to know the regulation of game of electronic business affairs with ecbolic capital at that time. " actor buys COO Zhang Xiaojun to express. 100 beautiful first strategy is to try water, established group of electronic business affairs, did not give electric trade group specific target and restr

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Forum » The Sith Empire » Diet of Imperial Governors » Alma mater of regain of numerous nation base recalls childhoodC
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